Dutch @ Location in amsterdam28Welcome to the website of Dutch @ Location. Dutch @ Location is a company specialising in teaching Dutch language to foreigners and expats on a personal level.

Try to pronounce fluently in de kroeg op de Amsterdamse gracht and you will know how hard it is to learn Dutch. However, after a couple of lessons, you will also know how much fun it is to learn Dutch, how good it feels to understand a bit more and to be able to say something as well.

At Dutch @ Location in Amsterdam you will learn Dutch. Not by doing a zillion grammar exercises or translating texts, sentence per sentence, but simply by using the language. You will get practice through conversations about everyday situations and subjects. Therefor we are using pictures and themes and when you are more advanced news items and articles or columns.

Dutch @ Location distinguishes from others by adjusting teaching materials to her clients wishes, teach at a chosen location, flexible times (possibility’s at daytime, evenings or weekends) and by giving the opportunity to follow lessons by skype. The latter is convenient if you are short of time or on a regular base out of the country. It will hardly be any trouble, Dutch @ Location will try as much as possible to combine your Dutch lessons with your working life.